We design circular alternatives with a multiplier factor on impact. We look for opportunities to tackle ecological problems right at the source. Our primary focus is on developing countries where the ecological need is most evident and urgent.
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Biosfera Foundation sets the course, lobbies and networks for the biosphere to come on top of the market and on the (geo)political agendas, according to the rules of the game in our globalized, commerce-based economies and societies.
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Biosfera B.V. develops services and products that support the biosphere as a big, beautiful habitat for humanity. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the global trade of pure positive impact, monitored and managed by ecosystems themselves.
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We represent the biosphere

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Latest news

regarding the Sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Green Challenge Application

Biosfera has applied for a grant of Green Challenge: an annual competition for innovative entrepreneurs with an idea to tackle climate change. Winning this challenge would give a head start […]

We announce: Forest Farms

Biosfera is proud to present Forest Farms: a sustainable initiative focused on greening of the desert as a business case. We have specially designed this formula for local farmers in […]

Greening the desert with Ourcolourisgreen

Biosfera and the consortium of Ourcolourisgreen, led by Wim van der Zwam, joined forces on greening the desert. In 2018 Ourcolorisgreen gained POC on a project in the Thar desert, […]

Biosphere Impact Generator

SEE THIS BIG – As Smart Ecosystem Engineering is being used across use-cases in India and we have reached version 1.0 of TUPIX (THIS), Biosfera is upscaling throughout 2019 and […]