SEE is the methodology that Biosfera devised to create a symbiosis between engineered and natural ecosystems. This methodology gives us the handles to make an engineered ecosystem just as smart as a natural one: in complete harmony and without waste.


Usually, we use and destroy values of nature and pay - to a certain extent - some taxes, fines or fees for the pollution and damage. However, a lot of our impact is hidden and we pay this to an authority that is external to the ecosystem where the impact is caused. In SEE al the used, added, destroyed and exchanged values within an ecosystem are redistributed between all the actors. Read more, to understand how.

Impact funding

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Performace based financing.
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Water Nexi

Metabolic loops

Water NEXI


[rewrite] With our partner in India, Symbio GreenTech we develop FRTS as the first urban pilot of Biomass for All within the "Low Carbon & Climate Resilient Kolkata” context. A project area has been delineated in the municipality of Rishra where we will collaborate with both the private (a large flax-yarn factory) and public sectors (Rishra Municipal Corporation).
In this area we will develop a 5 interventions aimed at significantly reducing the direct discharge into the Ganges river of contaminated industrial and domestic wastewater. The heavily contaminated river has a role in the degradation of the downstream Sundarban mangrove ecosystem. By implementing these interventions in a concentrated urban area, where water (quality) measurements and monitoring can be integrated into this cluster of pilot-projects, the reduction of the discharge of contaminated wastewater can be conclusively set-off against the available data on the extent of direct and indirect degradation of the mangrove forests as a result of urban activity.



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